Angeline | A Warrior in the Kitchen & in Life

New Jersey-native Angeline Pierre is a chef, entrepreneur, and model. Ever since this Haitian Queen moved to Rhode Island in 2013, she has been nonstop, even as she courageously continues her battle with Sickle Cell Anemia.

Celebrating Haitian Establishments in RI!

May is Haitian Heritage Month! This is a national celebration of Haitian culture & history that was first celebrated in Boston, Massachusetts in 1998. To celebrate, we’ve compiled a list of Haitian establishments in Rhode Island. Enjoy, and let’s celebrate!!

Ryan Rocha | Minding his World in Tokyo

Providence-native, Ryan Rocha lives a vibrant life in Tokyo, Japan. He is beautifully documenting his adventures through his YouTube channel MindYourWorld. He is also spreading the word in Japan about Rhode Island & about Cabo Verde!

Monephia Nembhard | A Prolific Jamaican Artist

Artistic expression can manifest itself in many forms.  Here in Rhode Island – particularly in the Greater Providence Area – we are so fortunate to have countless young people boldly expressing themselves in such a beautiful way.  Monephia Nembhard is one of those people.