Cabo Verdean & Vegan | Is that even possible?

How do you move to a vegan diet when meat is such a big part of your culture? We talked to Cabo Verdean fitness professional, Armando Lopes of Pawtucket, Rhode Island to see how & why he chose this diet.

Ryan Rocha | Minding his World in Tokyo

Providence-native, Ryan Rocha lives a vibrant life in Tokyo, Japan. He is beautifully documenting his adventures through his YouTube channel MindYourWorld. He is also spreading the word in Japan about Rhode Island & about Cabo Verde!

Health | Tricking Your Body out of Food Cravings

As a hard-working professional, lack of time, consistent travel, and a rushed schedule can sometimes lead to poor eating habits.  However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Jess Evora is excited to share with you some strategies she uses to stay on track, even during busy times at work.