Powerful Podcasts: 4 Episodes for People with Big Dreams

If you don’t already listen to podcasts, this list will give you good reason to start.

— By Jess Evora

I listen to 10 hours of podcasts every week.  Podcasts have become a vital source of inspiration for so many of us who have big dreams.  I’ve learned that often times it is our mindset that gets in the way as we pursue our goals (among additional factors, like institutional oppression – but we won’t go there today).

Listening to podcasts is a great, affordable (free) way for us to continue to shape our perspective on life.  The best episodes leave us inspired and equipped with practical strategies to make for a more meaningful and productive life.


Below, I’ve listed 4 specific podcast episodes that are 100% worth your time no matter what dreams you hold.

1. Shaun T.: Trust and Believe in Your Own Transformation 

Shaun T is so powerfully vulnerable and emphatically encouraging in this incredible episode. This podcast is an emotional rollercoaster. Shaun T (creator of the Insanity workout) discusses the trauma he experienced as a child, as well as the beauty of being comfortable in your own skin.

Shaun T. speaks so passionately. You’ll feel that he is speaking directly to you.  He’s letting you know that you can do anything. This episode is from the podcast show, The School of Greatness.


2. Terarai Trent: Awaken to Your Full Potential, Achieve the Impossible

Oprah Winfrey referred to Terarai Trent as her favorite guest EVER on the 


Oprah Winfrey Show. This remarkable woman – who was born in rural Zimbabwe, married off at an extremely young age, and became a mother of 5 by the age of 19 – decided after her fifth child that she wished to go to America and earn a PhD. 

Trent is truly the embodiment of Nelson Mandela’s famous quote, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”  Trent’s story will no doubt leave you believing that your goal, no matter how “far-fetched”, is achievable.  This episode is from the show, The School of Greatness.


3. Overcoming your Fear of Rejection and How to “Go for No!”

This episode discusses the fear of rejection, as well as strategies to actually use this rejection to achieve your goals.  Do you have a goal that’s been sitting in your back pocket for weeks, months, or years, yet you’re too afraid to try?  This podcast will help you allow yourself to dream big. This episode is from the show, Leading with Purpose.


4. Brendon Burchard on The High Performance Formula  

There is a difference between a high achiever and a high performer. 

  • A high achiever completes their goals, but they are (1) not always consistent, and (2) often not happy in their life.
  • A high performer is someone who is consistently performing well and who is (more importantly) living a happy, meaningful life.

This podcast discusses how you can become a high performer.  All the strategies discussed in this episode are research-based, which is all the more encouraging. – This episode is from the show, Success Talks.

These are just 4 of the countless great podcast episodes that exist out in the universe. To all my busy professionals: I highly encourage you to make time for podcasts in your schedule (while you’re getting ready for work, cleaning the house, or driving).  They can literally change your life.  Podcast episodes run from 5 minutes to 2 hours. Find the ones that fit your schedule, and be prepared to take notes.


Podcast Show Suggestions:

  1. Minority Trailblazer
  2. The School of Greatness
  3. Success Talks
  4. Leading with Purpose
  5. Cafe Con Leche
  6. Creating Espacios
  7. The GirlBeFree Podcast
  8. Black Girl Boss Podcast

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