Start Every Morning with a Party.

Music affects your mood. Use it as a tool for higher productivity and a happier you. – By Jess E. 

I didn’t feel like getting up this morning.  So I picked up my phone, and turned on some music.  Loony Johnson proceeded to tell me to Da Kel Bu Toki, which means “Do Your Thing” in Cape Verdean Kriolu.  This is my go-to to get me out of bed.  As I brushed my teeth, Don Omar suggested that when there’s sunshine in the morning, we should get up and dance and jump around I proceeded to do just that.

Jess - Blog PostWhile putting on my workout clothes, Capital Cities told me they could lift me up and take me where I want to be.  Then, just a few minutes later, the smell of freshly brewed coffee began to fill my apartment as Lauryn Hill explained that everything is everything.

Scientists have confirmed what many of us already knew: that music can directly affect your mood.  Your brain reacts to music that you enjoy by releasing the happy chemicals: serotonin, oxycontin, and dopamine.  Music inspires our imagination.  Therefore, listening to your favorite tunes is also a wonderful way to increase your productivity.  This is why I literally start every morning with a party.  Choose the song or playlist that gives you that energy boost, and let the art do its job.

Other Strategies to Start Your Morning Off Right

These are just some suggestions. I encourage you to take some time to think about what strategies will work for you. Everyone has different needs, whether that’s meditation, making a to-do list, or simply giving yourself 10 minutes in the morning to just sit and do nothing but sip your tea.

A good morning starts at night.

1. Go to bed on time. Give yourself an actual bedtime and stick to it.

2. Do as much prep at night so that your mornings are smooth and you can avoid feeling rushed. Prep your outfit, your meals, your gym bag. Whatever you gotta do, do it at night.

Once morning hits…

3. Avoid the snooze button. Be realistic about what time you want to get up. All the “sleep” you get after you press snooze is truly a waste because it’s not good quality sleep, and can result in you feeling more tired.  Therefore, instead of pressing snooze 4 times from 5am – 6am every morning, do something to change that.  Either start going to bed earlier, or readjust your daily schedule so that you can get up at 6am instead of 5am each day.

4. Eat an intentional breakfast. Definitely do not skip breakfast. Give your body the energy it deserves to feel satisfied and energized.  My body sometimes tells me it doesn’t feel like eating so early in the morning, so on those specific mornings, I just make myself a quick, light protein shake, and sip on the way to work.

I’ve implemented all of these strategies, but my favorite is still music.  Even when I don’t start my morning exactly as I like, an upbeat song can still often save my mood for the rest of the day.

Upon stepping into my office this morning, I felt a bit discouraged about a particular challenge I was facing.  So I immediately turned on my computer speakers, and allowed American Authors to remind me that this is going to be the best day of my life.

– JE

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