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The RANJA team is excited to have had several wonderful opportunities to spread the message of self-love, self-discovery, & the power of inclusive leadership with youth across New England. | Photos by Jess Evora


– Brockton, MA 

Jess Evora of RANJA facilitated a workshop last month about Leadership & Culture to students at Brockton High School in Brockton, MA. This public high school receives more than 400 new students from abroad each year. More than half of those students are from Cabo Verde.

“Being Cabo Verdean myself, it meant so much to be able to speak to this group,” Jess said. “We talked about identity & privilege. I talked about acknowledging my privilege being born an American citizen.:

During the presentation, a sophomore student who just immigrated to the U.S. raised her hand and said the following:

“I disagree. WE [those who immigrated from other countries] are the one who are privileged enough to come from our homeland, raised in our own culture, and now pursue our lives in America. Dealing with my transition to America is going to make me stronger.” #Perspective

This is why the RANJA team loves working with students. Students are educators too.


– Warwick, RI 


*** That feeling you get when you just finished a successful presentation 🙌🏾!!! ***

The RANJA team also had the pleasure of presenting a workshop session at the New England Education Opportunity Association . Thank you to the NEEOA for the invitation to participate in your annual conference at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warwick!

We shared our efforts to bring conversations about identity & culture into the conversation on leadership with our online database of free leadership development tools that focus on identity and culture. We also discussed with these amazing professionals how they can do the same.

“It was so beautiful to see so many educators with a great deal of experience, engaged and interested in learning how to make their already amazing curriculum, even more inclusive & engaging to a diverse audience of students,” Jess said. “I love that educators are always so willing to learn from each other.”

We look forward to more workshops in the future. To learn more about our workshops, click here. Visit our website, RANJAnow.org, to look more about the overall work that we do.

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