Celebrating Haitian Establishments in RI!

By Jess Evora | All photos from respective websites

May is Haitian Heritage Month. This is a U.S. celebration of Haitian culture & history that was first celebrated in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1998 (according to the Institute for Democracy & Justice in Haiti).

In honor of Haitian Heritage Month, Rhode Islanders can attend the Rhode Island Haitian Heritage Month Celebration hosted by the State House on May 18th.

Or, if you can’t make this specific event, Rhode Islanders can celebrate by visiting one or multiple Haitian-led establishments we have here in RI.  We’ve compiled a list of local Haitian establishments below. Enjoy, and let’s celebrate!!

1. Garden of Eve Caribbean Cuisine | Pawtucket, RI


Garden of Even is a family-owned Haitian restaurant located just behind Federal in Providence.  They serve up authentic cuisine from their home country of Haiti.  Chef Eve is cooking up a menu of classic Haitian recipes, as well as wings, and even a kids meal.

2. Valiant Arts Dance StudioPawtucket, RI

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 1.38.21 PM.png

The mission at Valiant Arts is to possess courage and determination as we Dance, Sing, Act and just express.  We want to operate holistically and create within the physical, mental and emotional as we transform through the art of dance, music and drama.  We want to promote dance as healing and enjoyable, no matter the genre…” (from their site).

  • This studio is a nonprofit organization that serves youth in the Rhode Island community.
  • The studio was founded and is led by a wonderful young Haitian Dance Movement Therapist, Claude Michelle.  For more information visit their website: valiantarts.org!

3. Real Estate & Financial Services w/ Fabi The Realtor


As we highlighted in our entrepreneur spotlight published October 2018, Fabi Brunache is Rhode Island’s Haitian Real Estate Queen who also provides financial consulting services.  She has also created a community for young Black professionals in Rhode Island to meet and come together for social gatherings to form unity among this specific demographic. Below are the many ways to connect with Fabi!

4. Dr. Bois Chiropractic Clinic | Providence, RI

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 1.25.14 PM.png

Dr. Kappy Bois is one of only two Black chiropractors in Rhode Island.  The Dr. Bois Chiropractic Clinic is located on Waterman St. in Providence.   A recent customer informed us that not only are Dr. Bois’s services excellent, but Dr. Kappy is an extremely kind and warm individual who continues to give back to Rhode Island community, as well as the Haitian community in RI.

  • The clinic provides full spine exams, and can also help you if you’ve been in an accident.
  • The clinic provides treatments for neck pain, back pain, headaches, injuries from accidents, stress therapy and more.
  • Their services include Cyrotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Exercise Therapy, nutrition, and more.
  • Connect with Dr. Bois:

5. Petit Bakery/Restaurant | Pawtucket, RI

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 1.59.18 PM.png

The Petit Bakery/Restaurant on East Ave. in Pawtucket, RI is serving up Haitian food that is getting rave reviews on Google.  Their website was under construction at the time this article was published, but this is the link in case they get back up and running after we publish: www.petitbakery.net

6. Haitian Baptist Church of RI | Cranston, RI


  • The Haitian Baptist Church of RI is located in Cranston, RI.  According to their webiste, they seek “to develop a community that engages each member in joining the work of God at different levels of capacity. For that to come true, we aim at expanding our ministries by continually improving leadership skills of each ministry, identifying and distributing our resources, all in symbiosis with the word of God.”
  • They also host a food pantry every Friday 10am – 12pm for the community.
  • In addition, they support other local Churches, and encourage their members to serve as active citizens who contribute to the Rhode Island community.

And that’s our list!

We are sure there are additional Haitian establishments in Rhode Island, so if you know of more feel free to highlight them in the comments!

Shout out to all our Haitian Rhode Islanders doing their thing for their culture and for our state!!


– JE 

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