3 Ways to Give Back to RI on MLK Day

Every year, I look for a volunteer opportunity on MLK Day.  It’s important for me to do something specifically on his day to honor the impact he has had on our progression.   Indeed, we still have a lot of work to do, but every effort, no matter how small, counts.

Therefore, I’ve listed 3 simple ways Rhode Islander’s can give back in honor of the great Dr. MLK.  None of these opportunities will take up your whole day.  Therefore, you can still give back, while enjoying some rest on your day off.


1. Join a Local Etiquette Dinner 

Dedicate a few hours to join local youth from low-income neighborhoods in Rhode Island for a networking dinner.  Hear their stories and help them get connected to their dreams, while also teaching them dinner etiquette.  The event takes place on MLK Day in Woonsocket.  This is a initiative of the program, Sure Track to College, led by Nwando Ofokansi. Contact Nwando if you are interested in attending to inquire whether there is still space available: nofokansi@nwbrvcollegeready.org.

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2. Volunteer at the RI Food Bank

Sign-up you & your friends to volunteer a few hours to help sort food at the RI Food Bank in Providence.  They’re always looking for groups to come in for a day to help sort food.  This is a great way to give back to fellow Rhode Islander’s who are suffering from food insecurity, while at the same time bonding with your peers.

If the RI Food Bank no longer has availability on MLK Day, simply make the commitment call the bank to confirm an alternate day before MLK Day is over. 


From the RI Food Bank Site: 

Groups: We have volunteer opportunities for corporate, civic and school groups to help inspect, sort and pack food for distribution.  Volunteers must be able to stand for long periods of time and lift up to 35 pounds.  Presently, we are scheduling groups up to three months in advance. Group shifts are available weekdays from 9am-12pm and 12-3pm. Please check back regularly as the schedule may change.”

“If you are interested in having your group volunteer at the Food Bank, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Jeanne Hebert, via email.” RI Food Bank Website


3. Find Your Cause 

Commit on MLK Day to signing up for an ongoing volunteer opportunity.  Dedicate MLK Day to doing your research and finding an ongoing opportunity in Rhode Island to which you can commit your time on a regular basis.  The beauty of volunteering is you can determine your time commitment.  If you want to volunteer only once a month, you can do that.  If you want to volunteer twice a week, there will definitely be organizations that could use your assistance.

i give back because....

Here are some ideas:

Search for more opportunities on VolunteerMatch.com


As you search for the opportunity that speaks to you, I hope you find that exploring the resources listed above proves helpful.

Cheers to volunteering. Cheers to MLK.

Cheers to a Rhode Island where our young professionals care : )



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